General terms and conditions

Lexlights: General terms and conditions

Article 1: Lexlights
Lexlights is part of Fosfari bvba that is a registered company located in Belgium and has its office and warehouse in Rijmenam, Oude Keerbergsebaan, 2B.
By consulting this website and interacting with it, the customer automatically agrees to these terms and conditions.
By agreeing these terms and conditions you are stating that you are at least eighteen years of age or a minor with parental consent to use our website.

Article 2: Orders
Orders are accepted and processed as per our abilities and availabilities. Ordered goods cannot be cancelled. Goods are sold and considered as accepted in our offices and warehouses, regardless of place, means or conditions of the delivery.
No order can be cancelled, unless this is done within 8 days after the order confirmation and only with our explicit prior consent. The costs to return the product are at the client’s expenses.

Article 3: Delivery / Return policy
Delivery will take place depending on stock availability.
In the case that you want to use the right to return your unused and undamaged goods, please find our policy described on our website under: Customer service – exchanges & returns.

Article 4: Warranty
Purchased articles have a warranty as per manufacturer’s specifications and as per specifications mentioned in this section. We guarantee delivery of the goods conform proposed specifications. The warranty on our products is void starting from the date that is indicated on the invoice.  Additional costs due to warranty, exchanged and returned goods, such as transportation and/or insurance are at your expense. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the articles by equal goods.
Warranty cannot be claimed when:
-damage is caused on purpose or by negligence
-damage caused after misuse or inappropriate maintenance
-damage is caused by normal wear and tear
-damage is caused by the failure or incorrect execution of the instruction manuals.
The seller will not be held liable for damages caused by weather conditions such as storms, snow, rain, water penetration, lightning, etc; damage caused by overheating due to misuse of bulb wattage;  damages caused by corrosion due to seaside or heavily polluted areas;
The warranty does not affect consumer rights derived from the law. The period of warranty is standard 2 years on luminaires. No warranty is given for bulbs.

Article 5: Complaints
All complaints need to be send to us within 3 working days after the delivery of the goods. The delivered goods will be considered as accepted after this period of 3 working days.
If you refuse to accept the delivered goods, they will be kept at your risk and expense, until the amount for the order is paid. We only accept the return of goods with prior written agreement. Goods that you want to return need to be shipped in their original package with all original accessories and manuals in their original state.

Article 6: Right of renunciation
According to the European right of withdrawal the consumer has the right to communicate a renunciation of a purchase, without payment of any fees or communication of any justification, within 14 business days following the day of delivery of the goods or the day of conclusion of the service agreement. Any shipping costs are at the expense of the consumer. The right of renunciation does not apply to products specifically customized to the specifications of the consumer. The European right of renunciation does not apply to corporate consumers.

Article 7: Address
Changes to your address and email address need to be communicated with us.

Article 8: Subject of ownership
The purchaser is owner of the purchased products after the amount for the products is paid. The risk involved with the articles shifts to the purchaser at the moment of delivery to the purchaser.

Article 9: Limitation of liability
We strive to ensure that the information on our website is complete and reliable. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect information on this website.
In case of malfunctioning of this website and any direct or indirect damages you may incur we cannot be held responsible. We reserve the right to limit or block the access to the website. The links to other websites on our website do not imply that we approve the content.
When sending your personal information we take all available opportunities to secure it, but it is always at your own risk.

Article 10: Payment conditions
All our invoices are pre-payable to our account number KBC 733-0470203-74 IBAN BE16733047020374 or cash with pick-up. Non-payment of an invoice after expiry date implicates immediate claimability of any invoices and cancellation of any orders in progress. Every unpaid invoice from the expiry date onwards activates conventional due interest rates at 12% per annum.

Article 11: Price & delivery time
Prices listed on our website are contractual, unless in the event of over-power. Delivery terms are strictly indicative and are not binding.

Article 12: Accessibility
Our website is accessible to users with standard computers on which standard software is installed. We guarantee no compatibility and can in no way be held liable for failure to reach our website.
It is forbidden to force access to parts of this website that are not publicly visible. It is also forbidden to modify the website, add or remove content in any way whatsoever.

Article 13: Privacy policy
We protect your privacy in different ways; your personal information will not be resold or shared with third parties that are not collaborating partners. Your information is safely stored on a secured database that is not accessible for the public. Your transaction data will be send encrypted. If you want us to change or remove your personal information please send us your written request.